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Desperately Seeking "Star Trek"


For something I'm working on, I would find it very helpful to borrow a set of the original "Star Trek" television series in either VHS or DVD format. If anyone local has a set of all 79 episodes (or a substantial fraction thereof) and is willing to lend them to me, please let me know.


I have seasons 1 & 2 on DVD, and you're welcome to them. :-)
Bless you. Could you give them to gnomi next Tuesday? I promise to take real good care of them.
Yes, I can and I will give them to gnomi on Tuesday. I'm glad that I can help. I never had any doubt that you'd take good care of them since you're a good person, but thank you for the assurance. :-) Good luck getting season 3.
If you don't mind VHS, and are willing to move to Minnesota, talk to me. :)
Wish I had the DVDs, mind you.

I have most of the animated series on VHS too, BTW. I'd like a complete set of them on DVD as well. DID YOU HEAR ME, PARAMOUNT? RELEASE THE ANIMATED SERIES ON DVD. NOW NOW NOW!!!

Sorry about that. :)
There's a reason I specified local... :-)

As it is, gem225 replied above that she can hook me up with seasons 1 and 2. Now I just need to find someone who can supply me with season 3.
I have all three seasons on DVD as well... I also have a signifigant number of the episodes on individual VHS (those are in storage and would take a bit to get out)
How accessible is your season 3 DVD and are you willing to let me borrow them? If so, we'd have to figure out borrowage and returnage.
All three are sitting on a shelf here and I'm home till monday. (Doing some home improvements) I have to run into work briefly tomorrow so I could possibly drop them off somewhere.
I've taken this to email...
A number of the libraries have them. You may want to check interlibrary loan. Which network is Brookline on?
We're on the Minuteman network, but I'm getting them from other sources anyway. Libraries were going to be my next stop, but I figured someone reading this blog would have them.
Actually Minuteman has (temporarily) suspended ILLs of multimedia (CDs, videos & DVDs). Apparently the use of ILL within the network has grown so much they're swamping their delivery service. So to keep things more reasonable, it's just books for the timebeing.
I used to have a complete set on beta, but I suppose that wouldn't do you much good even if I still had it.

I'm trying to imagine what kind of story you're researching that requires watching all of ST:TOS. :)
I don't have to watch all of it, but it's easier to figure out which episodes I need to see if I have a whole set in front of me.

As for what it's all for, assuming it's approved, I'll be able to talk about it publicly later. Otherwise, I won't.

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