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More on Abe Hirschfeld

For those who were intrigued by my post on Abe Hirschfeld, here are a few more references:

  • Welcome to My World: Abe Hirschfeld: I should have realized that a man like Hirschfeld would have had his own webpage. Earlier today it still read as if he were alive; currently it has an obituary, and no links.
  • New York Post - Abraham Hirschfeld: However, this subpage still exists, with a picture of the cover of the New York Post showing Alexander Hamilton (the paper's founder) with a tear running down his cheek. All the links still exist along the side, including the one to email Hirschfeld.
  • CJR: The Greatest Tab Story Ever Told, by Mike Hoyt: This article, from the May/June 1993 issue of Columbia Journalism Review, is all about what happened at the New York Post when Hirschfeld briefly took over.

(Thanks to writer Sean P. Fodera for the links.)
Tags: history, nyc

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