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Another Good Review of "Sanctuary"

(Apologies for posting so much this fine morning.)

From the Tangent Online review of the September 2005 Analog:

A Catholic priest assigned to a large space station confronts an ethical dilemma when an alien approaches him seeking sanctuary in the chapel. The female insectoid, an adherent of a fringe religion, has developed a pregnancy that violates her people's mainstream traditions. Seeking to protect her from a forced abortion, the priest grants her request for sanctuary, and diplomatic turmoil results. The situation sours further when the priest learns of the alien's ulterior motives.

"Sanctuary" is a complex and thoughtful piece, well-written and accessible. Burstein’s noble protagonist struggles to answer some serious moral questions, and for that reason, the story is sometimes uncomfortable to read. Readers may find the theme vague, and each person may take away something different from the story's unexpected ending.

(Thank you, britzkrieg.)
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