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Kosher Map

For those who haven't seen it yet, a man named Ari Engel has created a map of Kosher Restaurants in the Boston MA Metro Area. (Scroll down for the map.) Those of you who know the area will not be surprised to see that a preponderance of these restaurants and shops are in Brookline.

(The mapper can actually be used for a whole list of cities, but the link above creates the Boston map specifically.)


Cool. Useless, but cool.

Very nice

I kind of with they had Tel Aviv, Jerusalem is easy but finding kosher food here can be a bit of a trick if you don't know the area.

Re: Very nice

You can find kosher restaurants by city in Israel on www.eluna.com or on www.rest.co.il (also has traif, be sure to check the kosher box). rest.co.il even has maps now.

Thanks. I just learned about a kosher meat market not far off my commute. Difficulties in making a trip to Brookline has kept us milchig for too long, so... thanks.
I'm glad the link was helpful!
It's not complete. For example, the Shaw's on Rte 27 in Sharon has a kosher bakery, and my Stop & Shop in North Andover has (some) kosher meat and cheese, including a kosher slicer in the deli.
A kosher slicer in the deli? Really? Wow.

You might want to inform the guy who put together the map, or the fellow over at The Kosher Blog.
The Shaw's on South Main in Sharon also has a kosher bakery and a kosher slicer.

The S&Ss in Stoughton and Norwood have kosher bakeries.

The Krispy Kreme in Dedham wasn't listed.


BTW, the Shaw's on Rte 27 is technically in Canton.
It was the one on South Main street I meant. We go there often, as my mother-in-law lives nearby.
I live in Sharon. Do I know you or your mother-in-law?
She lives in Foxboro, and isn't Jewish, so I doubt it.

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