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More Good Reviews

Ran across this review of the September 2005 Analog (and other magazines) in SF Revu which has made me feel a little better:

The lead story in the September 2005 issue of Analog is just the kind of high quality story we have come to expect from Michael Burstein. "Sanctuary" begins during a Roman Catholic mass being said in a chapel on a space station. It is interrupted by an alien seeking sanctuary to prevent the baby she is carrying from being aborted. What is impressive is that Burstein has done his research and probably knows more about Catholicism than 90% of Roman Catholics. In addition to that, he writes a very good story.


That's a nice review! I'm looking forward to reading the story.

Condolences on the Hugo loss. We know in our heads that popularity is fickle and that awards are a tricky business, but that doesn't stop us from wanting one.
How true. As I said last year, "the joy of being nominated is separate from the frustration of having lost."
Nice review!
I finally got myself a copy, and very much liked the story. Now to read the other authors' work...
Thank you. Which other authors are you talking about? The ones in the same issue of Analog?
Yes. Also the other authors in the summer issue; I finally got myself a copy of Telepresence.
Condolences on the Hugos (though I don't doubt you'll be nominated again in the future)...And not only do I agree with the review, I was happy that the story was an addition to the otherwise rare list of science-fiction tales where religion is a positive force in the future, rather than something to be feared, avoided, or kept under a divine thumb by.
Thanks. I hope I'll be nominated again, but every year I wonder if this was my last chance.

And I'm glad you liked the story and the way I portrayed religion in it. I worked hard to get it right...
Actually, most of the story's available online (with an approrpiate teaser, of course)--


Very cool, Michael. And there is no such thing as a last chance so long as you keep doing your best. :)
Already noted, actually, but thanks for looking out for me!

And I will keep trying, as always. Just finished 1500 words of a new story today.
I just drafted my review for Tangent. (I'm really running behind schedule.) You have nothing to worry about.

However -- and this is something that I don't mention in the review -- the reason for the mainstream Stanquel religious view doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand how their population growth would be exponential without the proscription on certain pregnancies. If each female has two children, isn't that just replacement rate? Less, actually...

Maybe I missed something.
Let's just say that I planted a subtle seed for the sequel. And it's subtle enough that so far you're only the second person to notice this...
Eee! I feel smart. :-P

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