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Harry Potter and My Final Decision

Thanks to all who participated in my poll this morning. As of this post, 51.9% suggested selling the flawed copy, 40.7% suggested keeping it, and only 7.4% suggested exchanging it.

I decided to go with the first option. I went out and bought another copy of the book to keep, and made sure it was another first edition, first printing. (The second printing is already out there.) I do plan to sell the misprinted copy one as a "cursed" copy.

I was interested to see how many people suggested holding onto the cursed copy for a few years, so it becomes more valuable. As tempting as that sounds, I'd really rather get my money back now for the second copy I bought.

So my plan is currently to set up an account on eBay, prepare a page devoted to the "cursed" copy, and then hope for the best. Since I don't have a digital camera or scanner of my own, however, I imagine this will take a while.

Thanks again to all who voted in the poll. And if you know any series book collectors who might be interested in pre-empting an auction and making me an offer, feel free to point them my way.


lisatheriveter might. she's bought books specifically to sell later, a number of times. i'll email her.
I'd want to know how much she's willing to pay for it. I'm thinking that if I start it on eBay at $50, I can probably end up getting more.
saw lisatheriveter at pizza tonight, and not only does she NOT want it...she says you are very good to unload it as fast as possible, and cash in on the harry potter fans who might think it valuable.

in fact, from a book collector's standpoint (and she has 15 years experience in the industry) what you have is not worth anything per se. not even the fact that it's a first printing, really, since there were a million zillion books in the first print run.
Thanks for the information. I will sell it soon.

I'm sure it'll be worth at least cover price to somebody...
oh, definitely! plus the signatures should drive it up for the potter fans just 'cuz, regardless of the misguided thing regarding the upside-downness. ;)
I've been selling books (and filmstrips, and records, and...) on eBay for awhile now, if you want any help or questions answered.
Thanks! I have a friend up here who has been helping me out, but I do wonder -- do you use PayPal to accept credit card payments, and if so, does it work well for you?
It works fine. I think the only downside, if I remember right, is that doing this requires you set up a "business account", which means then Paypal takes a small (and it is small) fee out of the transaction each time somebody sends you money. Something like a dollar out of every twenty, maybe (don't remember the exact percentage).
That's standard for any credit card acceptor, though, to pay a small fee on the transactions. It's how credit card companies stay in business (along with interest fees).

So I take it you accept PayPal then? Do you have anything up on eBay right now?
I do take Paypal, just because it's incredibly convenient and usually faster than waiting on a check (and for the check to clear).

I don't have anything up at Paypal right now; I'm usually away from my regular library computer, which has my scanner. But I'll be kicking back into the business soon, as I still have a number of books and filmstrips to sell. (My regular eBay account is dannyadams; the one where I primarily sell old filmstrips is called filmstrip_archives.)
I do some ebay stuff too. The problem is paypal will charge you that small fee regradless of if you're being paid with a credit card or not. in other words even if you are being paid with funds currently in someone elses paypal acocunt they take a cut. also there's a minimum there too. For me who mostly sells magic cards on ebay and expects to get a mere buck or two for them it's impractical. on like a 3 dollar transaction they take 30 some odd cents. when you factor in the other 30 cents you paid ebay for the listing and the 15 cents you paid them in percentage of the sale you're left with 1.50 - 2.00 and 1.50 of that was for shipping factor in the time it takes to run an auction (not much but still...) and it's not worth doing it at all.
The logical thing would seem to be only accepting PayPal when the item will sell for a high enough price.
it's fairly standard practice for ebay sellers to wait until a personal check clears before sending the item out to the buyer, unless the buyer has a very high approval rating (and even then sometimes, depending on the seller).
Let us know what happens! (And if you do need more EBay help, sdavido has a lot of experience.)
I've got Mike Resnick giving me advice at the moment, but I may take you up on your offer.

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