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Harry Potter and My Final Decision

Thanks to all who participated in my poll this morning. As of this post, 51.9% suggested selling the flawed copy, 40.7% suggested keeping it, and only 7.4% suggested exchanging it.

I decided to go with the first option. I went out and bought another copy of the book to keep, and made sure it was another first edition, first printing. (The second printing is already out there.) I do plan to sell the misprinted copy one as a "cursed" copy.

I was interested to see how many people suggested holding onto the cursed copy for a few years, so it becomes more valuable. As tempting as that sounds, I'd really rather get my money back now for the second copy I bought.

So my plan is currently to set up an account on eBay, prepare a page devoted to the "cursed" copy, and then hope for the best. Since I don't have a digital camera or scanner of my own, however, I imagine this will take a while.

Thanks again to all who voted in the poll. And if you know any series book collectors who might be interested in pre-empting an auction and making me an offer, feel free to point them my way.
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