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New York Trip Up to Now

Whenever I go to NYC, I find that I don't have as much time to keep up with email and blogging, even if I have my laptop with me. So as I read through other people's blogs in the limited time I have, I start to wonder what the point of it is. Does anyone actually care to hear about what I've been up to for the past few days? Does it really matter if I post an entry or not?

Well, if anyone does care, here's some highlights from what Nomi and I have been up to.

Took the Limoliner to NYC
Arrived at my Mom's house
Had dinner with my younger brother's family

Took the Big Onion Walking Tour of Central Park
Had dinner with friends

Ran errands at the Empire State Building
Had lunch with Stanley Schmidt, the editor of Analog
Went to the New-York Historical Society
Had dinner with friends

Had a dentist appointment (my teeth are fine)
Finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Went to lunch with a bunch of SF people
Went to lunch with friends
Went to the Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Jewish Museum
Had dinner with a cousin

In the midst of all this, the boxes and packing supplies I ordered were delivered to my Mom's house, and I may have found one or two people who can help me out next week as I clean up the stuff in my Mom's house.

If I have time, I may expand on some of the items listed above. If anyone has a specific interest in hearing more about anything we've done, feel free to let me know. And if you want to read what gnomi has to say about our trip, click here.
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Good to hear the supplies you ordered from us got there on time! Also glad to see that overall your and gnomi are having a good time! We miss you here in Brookline!

Your friendly neighborhood Comics-Man,

Hey! It's good to hear from you, and we miss you guys too. The supplies from New England Comics arrived on time, and perfectly shipped. The supplies from Staples...well, let's just say we had to make a few calls.

And Nomi has helped me find some of my missing comics from 1995. Over the next week, I hope to find the rest of my comics, plus the ones that my half-brother Danny bought in the 1960s.

Sounds good! Sorry to hear about the evil Staples.... It was good to hear from you today! Say HI to Gnomi for me



I care, you ass!
While this in no way substitutes for face to face contact (or even regular e-mail correspondence), this lets me feel somehow involved. While I'm slaving away reading French Parliamentary archives, it lets me know that all is well and right in the world.

Okay, okay...but why aren't you using your own LJ to make replies anymore? :-)


I don't know. I feel so outmoded.
Well, I care for one. It's always good to hear your "voice." How about expounding upon what you found most interesting?
Hm...I have to consider that question.
Of course we care! (You ate lunch twice on Wednesday? Wow, you must have been hungry!) :-)
Well, one of them wasn't really lunch for us, as we were joining a bunch of people at a restaurant where there really isn't much we can eat. So the second lunch was the real lunch for us, as far as eating food was concerned.
Ah, OK... that makes sense.
Went to the Maurice Sendak exhibit at the Jewish Museum

That's the one I envy you...

Well, that and the family stuff and gnomi's Moroccan food...
Okay, maybe I'll post about the exhibit. It was quite good.
Please. I'd love to hear about it.
Look forward to hearing your perspective (perhaps tonight as well). I liked it, but I was a little disappointed in the Sendak exhibit.
FYI, I care.

And yai for good teeth. ;)
Thank you.

And yes, yay for good teeth! It always makes me happy to get a good bill of health from the dentist.
OK, so I'm a geek, but how was lunch with Mr. Schmidt? You let him know that your novel was finished? :)
Lunch with Stan was good, as always. I told him the first draft is done, and he was pleased to hear it.

Maybe I'll post more details in another entry...

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