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"Sanctuary" Posted at Analog Website

Analog has posted the the first part of "Sanctuary" on their website. So if you're not a regular reader of Analog, you can take a look and decide if you want to pick up the September 2005 issue for the rest of the story.

The editor's description of the story, from the Analog webpage:

Michael A. Burstein leads off our September issue with “Sanctuary,” a tense novella about the kind of problem that can arise when two very different cultures are forced into a high-stakes interaction. What do you do—and what do “they” do—when a refugee from one group’s version of justice seeks protection under the auspices of another culture’s most deeply established institutions? Especially when both cultures’ principles are based on long and careful consideration of their people’s nature and needs—but those natures and needs are themselves quite different? To paraphrase the old saw, one man’s basic need may be another’s abomination. . . .

and his tag for the story:

Appropriate behavior depends on circumstances, which means appropriate ethics differ with time and species. Which can make for some very thorny dilemmas. . . .



I think this is probably my favorite story of yours so far.
Wow. Thank you.

So far, I've been getting mostly positive feedback on this one. I've been having difficulty recently with taking criticism, however, so it's possible people are shielding me. :-)
Well, it definitely fits the "Story I wish I'd written" category. A lot of my stories have such religious themes, or themes of trying to find sanctuary or a place for your (minority / ostracized) beliefs...yours just seemed to gel with power and realism both, and a satisfying conclusion along the lines of "It's not what we wanted but it's more than we hoped for" from the characters.
I rather liked Sanctuary.
Thank you.

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