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This Day in History, 1979: Skylab Crashes to Earth

Twenty-six years ago today, parts of Skylab, America's first space station, came crashing down on Australia and into the Indian Ocean five years after the last manned Skylab mission ended. No one was injured.

I remember this little piece of history, although I was only nine years old. I knew that Skylab was an American space station, and I remember that the news that summer was filled with reports of its demise. There was also a lot of worried speculation about where it would crash, and how much damage it might do, although NASA engineers tried to reassure the world that most of it would burn up in the atmosphere. Fortunately, for the most part it turned out they were right; the only effect of the crash was apparently a spectacular light show. That didn't stop one band, however, that released a song about the impending doom coming from the sky.
Tags: history, personal, space

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