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Followup to July 4th

In my post on what gnomi and I did on Independence Day, I referred to two friends of arib's who joined us, and noted that they were not on LJ.

I was incorrect. One of them maintains an LJ account at elul_3. However, she does her blogging at, which I have now syndicated to LJ at devarim_blog.

From her post about our day hearing the Declaration, she notes :

..., this morning we decided to head on down to the Old State House to hear a reading of the Declaration of Independence. I've been told that this pubic reading has taken place every July Fourth since 1777 (there was a bit of a time lag in 1776, and the document didn't make it up here and get approved for public reading until the 18th)....

We spotted more than a few red-white-and-blue outfits (I was among the guilty, with my jeans, red polo shirt, and white beret) - and one girl, probably about 15 or 16, with a particularly interesting take on patriotism. She folded a flag approximately in half to create a triangle, and then tied it around her waist so it draped over her butt. Um...last I checked, that's not appropriate treatment of our flag...
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