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Planning for Fourth of July

Again this year, gnomi and I will be heading down to the Old State House on the morning of July 4th at 10:00 AM to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence. This reading has occurred at the same location on 4 July every year since 1777 (in 1776, it was read in September, when it arrived in Boston), and it has become our tradition to attend.

We will be meeting folks who wish to join us at 9:30 AM upstairs outside the Outbound entrance to the T at Park Street station.

Our 4th of July traditions also include the watching of the movie "1776," which we will do again this year. If people wish to join us for this, however, we will have to find a venue other than our living room, as we do not have significant capacity for visitors at the moment.

If you are interested in joining us (or in providing a location for the viewing of "1776"), please comment here or send gnomi e-mail.


I LOVE 1776!!

I was lucky enough to see William Daniels performing as John Adams when it toured around in the early '70s. And the movie was quite wonderful!

Re: I LOVE 1776!!

So are you coming to Boston to watch it?

(I got to see Brent Spiner reprise the role of Adams a few years ago...)

Re: I LOVE 1776!!

Unless it's on over Thanksgiving weekend (the next time I plan to be in the area), nope. But I do like the idea of Brent Spiner playing John Adams. Was his singing voice up for it?

Re: I LOVE 1776!!

It's not a question of when the movie is on. Nomi and I own it on DVD, and we watch it every July 4th.

Re: I LOVE 1776!!

I think we were at cross-purposes, combining discussions of the movie and different productions of the play in the same posting.

I do own my own DVD of 1776. I got it a year or two ago, and did spend a recent 4th of July watchin it.

Re: I LOVE 1776!!

So the question is, shall we watch it at the same time, a few hundred miles apart? :-)

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