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Someone Else's Review of Batman Begins

I wanted to write a review of Batman Begins, explaining why I thought this movie was so excellent.

However, writer Adam-Troy Castro beat me to it here.

So I'll just quote a few selections from his review that I agree with:

Somebody actually made a Batman Movie.

The best film prior to this, Tim Burton's, was a Joker movie...

This is a Batman movie.

Or, even more specifically: it's a Bruce Wayne movie....

The film nails Bruce Wayne's childhood traumas, his tortured psyche, Jim Gordon's status as outsider cop, Gordon's relationship with Batman, Batman's early inexperience, the social cost Wayne pays for his activities, Gotham's status as city choked by corruption, mob boss Carmine Falcone, mugger Joe Chill, Arkham Asylum...[and]...the peculiar nature of Batman's relationship with Alfred Pennyworth, who is servant, confidante, father figure, and conscience.
Tags: comics, movies, science-fiction

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