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Dinner and a Story

Tonight gnomi and I had dinner with fellow science fiction/fantasy writer jenwrites and her husband. I first "met" Jen last year, when I emailed the SFWA volunteer in charge of formatting stories for the SFWA webpage. For quite some time, the volunteer was Vonda McIntyre, so when I sent the email I addressed it to Vonda. It turned out that Jen had taken over the task. I apologized for calling her Vonda McIntyre, but she didn't mind.

Jen made a point of introducing herself at Arisia, and we've talked in person a few times since then. We've been meaning to get together for a longer conversation, and tonight we finally did. Jen and her husband have a fascinating background, and I'm glad we got to hear about their life stories.

Today was a propitious day for jenwrites, as well. Her story "Snow Day" was just reprinted as an audio file by Escape Pod, which is a SF podcast zine. (It's syndicated on LJ as escape_pod_cast.) Or, if you want, you can still read the story as it was originally published in Strange Horizons by clicking here. It's a very funny story, but be warned that it's also a bit risque.

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