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Novel Progress: First Draft FINISHED at 121,000 Words

The subject line pretty much says it all.

Just a few minutes ago, I finished the first draft of the novel I've been working on. The total word count is about 121,000 words.

In terms of manuscript pages and story chapters, my three-part structure has ended up breaking down as follows:

Part One: 183 pages (chapters 1-6)
Part Two: 225 pages (chapters 7-11)
Part Three: 75 pages (chapters 12-15)

So instead of having three acts of approximately the same length, I have a novel with a long set-up, an even longer middle, and then a quick wrap up at the end. (Come to think of it, that might actually work better.)

Of course, my work isn't done yet. The novel needs some extensive rewriting. For example, by the middle of the novel I had decided that my protagonist ought to be an orphan. This means the chapter where she has dinner with her parents needs to go. (Or, at least, I need to alter it extensively.)

Then, after I rewrite it, I have two or three first readers who have volunteered to give me feedback. Then I have to send it to my agent, and if she has any suggestions to offer I'd be well-served to incorporate them into the final submission draft.

But for now...for now I feel content to rest on my laurels, satisfied with a job well done.

If only it weren't so darn hot today...

Thanks to everyone who has been accompanying me on this journey. We've made it to the first plateau.
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