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A Literary Map of Manhattan

Back on May 4th, I made this post on Reader Identification, in response to this post from sdelmonte, who reported that the New York Times was attempting to design a literary map of Manhattan.

The project is now complete, and was posted two days ago at the New York Times website. I was very glad to read that a lot of people submitted works by the MWA Grand Master Lawrence Block, as I'm a big fan of his novels, most of which are set in New York City. (In some ways, I can't imagine either of his series characters Matt Scudder or Bernie Rhodenbarr operating anywhere other than Manhattan.) Sadly, my own special interest of science fiction is not too well represented, although on the fantasy side I found citations for Madeleine L'Engle's The Young Unicorns, and Jack Finney's Time and Again. Doubtless there are others.

I must admit, though, I'm half-inclined to put together a science fiction version of this map, perhaps to go along with the list of New York City movies I was interested in putting together last February 29th.

For more information on the map (registration at the New York Times site probably required):

We Mapped Manhattan by Randy Cohen, the article on how they chose the locations for the map

A Literary Map of Manhattan, the map itself.


I'm a little sad to see that F. Paul Wilson's Repairman Jack isn't on the list. If you've not read the novels, oh,.. you should!
Another fantasy book on the map is the last Dark Tower book by Stephen King.
I confess to having been disappointed that my own neighborhood was not represented at all. ;-) Surely *something* happened in a book in the West 20s . . . I can at least think of a scene in an Edith Wharton novel that took places on W. 23rd. Not biased, nope. ;-)

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