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But Was He Playing Fluxx?

My friend arib, in this post, answers questions posed to him by another friend. I was particularly amused by his response to question 4:

4. Cake or death?

Depends. If you're asking me what I'd like to have for a snack? Cake. If you're asking me which of Neil Gaiman's Endless would I like to chat with over a cup of coffee or said slice of cake? Death.


Hey, would you be willing to repost this message ending with "Funny, funny stuff" or something else? I have former students who read here, and I try to avoid certain language in my blog and in the replies... (Of course, with fiction it's different.)

How's this?

The question comes from an Eddie Izzard routine. Let me ask my local E.I. expert which show it was, and then you can netflix or rent the DVD, and share in the joy of a British transvestite comedian.

Funny, funny stuff.

Re: How's this?


I haven't heard of Eddie Izzard, or if I have, I've forgotten... Is he of the same ilk as Benny Hill? (I ask because you mention him as a "British transvestite comedian, and Hill's the only other one I can think of who falls into the same category.)

Re: How's this?

Not even in the same ballpark. This is more intelligent, stand-up comedy.
Fluxx? You play Fluxx, too? AHHHHH! We must play Fluxx whenever it is we see each other again! We MUST!
I was introduced to Fluxx when it first came out, and played it repeatedly. I would love to play it with you.

I'm also a fan of Looney Labs's game Chrononauts.

December 2016

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