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Science Fiction Museum Review in New York Times

For those who are interested, the New York Times has a review of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle:

"Sci-Fi Synergy" by Edward Rothstein (registration NOT required).


If I'd known this existed the last time I was in Seattle...
It's relatively new. I'm not sure if it existed yet the last time you were in Seattle.
Was actually there a week ago while up in Seattle on business. One thing the story doesn't make clear is that there are a lot of books and the like (a Chesley Bonestall painting or two, for example) mixed in with the film and tv objects. Reasonable place to spend a few hours, although if I were in charge I'd try to mix in some more aspects of a con into the overall experience (more sf art, more and tighter edited videos of folk in the field, better gift shop, heck, even some filk type things). A bit too much of it is look at the objects; I'd try to figure out some more interaction and ways of inspiring/encouraging sensawunder in kids and the like.
Hi Michael--Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I enjoyed "TelePresence" (read it yesterday), and am looking forward to next month's Analog too. As far as your take on public education on the story, I can only say that in my case you're preaching to the choir--I went through education training in college, and qualified to teach K-12 in Virginia and the surrounding states...but by the time I finished my student teaching knew I couldn't do it. Lots of reasons why, some of which came up in "TelePresence".
I'm glad you liked the story.

I'm not surprised to be preaching to the choir. I taught much of my life, although I never had any education training, and a lot of what I said in the story comes out of personal experience.

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