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Busy Week

I've already started being very busy this week, for a few reasons:

* I have a short story that is almost done, which has to be handed in by the end of the month. Because of the deadline, all my writing energy has been going into finishing it up, and the novel has (darn it) been on hold. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to it soon.

* I've been scheduled to do more contract tutoring and teaching than usual. While this is good because it brings in some money, it also takes time and energy.

* As part of my ongoing desire to get the clutter out of the apartment and into the storage area, I decided once and for all to sort my comic book collection (or at least those comic books that I have here, as opposed to the ones still in my Mom's house.) For many years, I left my comics in the plastic New England Comics bags in which I brought them home, and then placed them in boxes or left them in shelves. This week, NEC is having a sale, so I've been buying bags, boards, and boxes, and started to file the comic books away. It's a time-consuming process, as I literally own in excess of a thousand comic books, possibly two or three thousand. But I've started the process, and it's giving me a nice trip down memory lane.

* A high school friend of mine whom I haven't seen since our college years is visiting Boston this week, and we're having lunch with him on Wednesday.

* In my role as an elected Library Trustee in the town of Brookline, I'm chairing the Coolidge Corner Library Facade Committee. The Coolidge Corner Library renovations this summer includes frosted glass panels sandblasted or etched with the names of authors, which will serve as a nice form of public art. We need to get the list of names to the architect by the end of the month, and so I've been keeping a list which is already past five hundred names.

* Finally, this week Brookline holds its Annual Town Meeting, at which we will vote on a number of issues, including the FY 2006 budget, two historic districts, at least one controversial zoning question, and the return of the anti-spanking resolution. I plan to write up a report in my blog on the warrant articles that I find most interesting. If you want to get an idea of what Town Meeting did last time, you can read my reports on the November 2004 Town Meeting at
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