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Enterprise: The Final Two Episodes

Last night, Nomi and I watched the final two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise that had been broadcast on Friday night.

The two episodes, "Terra Prime" and "These Are the Voyages..." were only tangentially connected through the theme of human cooperation with aliens to form the beginnings of the Federation. In fact, "Terra Prime" was actually the second of a two-part story that began with "Demons" last week. It seems odd to me that UPN would broadcast two unrelated episodes on one night as a "finale event" or whatever they called it, but that's what they did.

I'm not going to give a full synopsis or review here; you can find those elsewhere on the web, if you're looking for them. What I will say is that when "Terra Prime" ended, I turned to Nomi and said, "That would be a fitting end to the series." Of course, the series still had an hour to go.

And that hour was, well, not great. The entire story is turned into a learning lesson for William Riker, a he watches a holodeck recreation of Enterprise's final mission, set six years after the end of the previous episode. So the episode is actually set during the seventh season of Next Generation, as an extended backstory to "The Pegasus." The conceit is cute, but I feel they could have given this particular cast a lot more respect by just doing the final story straight.

Two final things to mention, though. First, there was a wonderful grace note in the middle of "Terra Prime," which is set mostly on Mars. An establishing shot takes us past a rover on a platform, and the following plaque is affixed next to it:



JULY 4, 1997


The rover is obviously the one from the Mars Pathfinder mission. I love the idea that a "Mars Historical Preservation Society" has been formed to preserve such sites. I know I'd join them in a second.

And finally, a tip of the hat to something that kradical said four years ago, after he watched the end of the first episode of Enterprise. I would have loved it had Archer spoken to the empty air at the very end and said, "Okay, Al, it's been ten years and I finally got the Federation member planets to sign the charter. Why haven't I leaped?"
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