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The End of Enterprise

Tonight the final two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise will be airing. Of course, Nomi and I won't be watching them until Saturday night, but that's what Mr. TiVo is for.

Back on February 6, I made this post, in which I said, "In short, I think that Viacom needs to let Trek lie fallow for a few years -- I'd go with five, although I've heard some people suggest ten. Give it a chance to renew itself, and more importantly, give the fans a chance to whet our appetites for more."

Now, it's one thing if I say it. On the other hand, it's another thing if "the author of several novels based on the series and the former editor of DC Comics' "Star Trek" series" says the same thing. Which he did. Publicly.

In this article from the Connecticut Post, "'Star Trek' beams up for last time" by Edward J. Crowder, my good friend bob_greenberger is quoted saying pretty much the same thing I did:

The show's viewership suffered under the weight of competition — including reruns of earlier "Star Trek" series, Greenberger said. And, he said, he thought the producers for the latest series were running the show on impulse engines rather than warp drive. "As a creative property — given the current people running it — it has definitely run dry and it needs to lay fallow for a few years," Greenberger said.


Go click on the link to the article. There's a picture of Bob, looking like a deer caught in the headlights as he contemplates the (we hope temporary) end of a television franchise that has been for so long a part of his career.

And then go read a Star Trek novel or short story. Or write one. Because, as Ronald Moore said a while back, it belongs to us now.
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