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mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

PSA: "Tales of the Sausage Factory" Syndicated

For those of you who have been reading wetmachine primarily for the articles of Harold Feld, I've just syndicated his blog on LJ. The people behind gave it a separate RSS feed. So, if you want to read "Tales of the Sausage Factory," you can find them on LJ under the feed hfeld_blog.

For those of you who are asking, "Who is Harold Feld?" the answers are twofold:

1. gnomi's brother-in-law.

2. "Harold Feld, MAP's Senior Vice President, joined MAP in August 1999 after practicing communications, Internet, and energy law at Covington & Burling. Mr. Feld served as co-chair of the Federal Communications Bar Association's Online Committee, and has written numerous articles on Internet law and communications policy for trade publications and legal journals. Mr. Feld won the 2000 Burton Award for excellence in writing by a nonacademic. Mr. Feld graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University in 1989, and magna cum laude from Boston University Law School in 1993. Mr. Feld clerked for the Hon. John M. Ferren of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals." (From

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