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Confession: Science Fiction Writer Quiz

Okay, here's the truth: I'm not actually an answer to the "Which Science Fiction Writer Are You?" quiz.

And here's the story. This quiz is an old meme, which was first developed by Paul Kienitz a few years ago. When he first developed it, a lot of us on SFF Net took the quiz and were amused to find which writer we apparently were. (Most of us taking it were writers.) Only two authors who were actually answers took the quiz, and neither one got himself. (Jerry Pournelle got Robert A. Heinlein, and Gregory Benford got Arthur C. Clarke.)

The actual possible answers to the quiz are:
a: Isaac Asimov
b: Alfred Bester
c: Arthur C. Clarke
d: David Brin
e: Octavia E. Butler
f: Philip José Farmer
g: Gregory Benford
h: Frank Herbert
i: Samuel R. Delany
j: Jerry Pournelle
k: Mickey Spillane
l: Ursula LeGuin
m: Stanislav Lem
n: William Gibson
o: Olaf Stapledon
p: Philip K. Dick
q: Hal Clement
r: Robert A. Heinlein
s: E.E. "Doc" Smith
t: James Tiptree, Jr.
u: Jules Verne
v: Kurt Vonnegut
w: H.G. Wells
x: Cordwainer Smith
y: Ayn Rand
z: John Brunner

Anyway, after I saw the meme show up again in the past few days, I couldn't resist. I emailed Paul and asked him if he would mind if I hacked the answer box, making it look like I had gotten myself. Not only he did say yes, but he helped me figure out how to get the picture to load correctly.

From your comments, a few of you seem to have figured out my joke. I tried to make it clear by putting in the line about having to put the novel on hold to write a short story, but I imagine it was buried enough that not everyone saw it.

For those of you who thought I had really gotten myself as an answer, bless you. I can only wish one day to be as well known as the writers who are really on the list.

As for my real answers: the first time I took it, a few years ago, I got Robert A. Heinlein. Yesterday when I took it again, I got Hal Clement. What this means, I have no idea, especially as the novel I've been working on is a lot more Heinleinesque than Clementine.
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