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Which Science Fiction Writer Are You?

Since I've seen this meme going around, I decided to try it. The results weren't too surprising. Then again, maybe they were...

I am:
Michael A. Burstein
A current science fiction writer mostly identified with Analog magazine, you write stories with strong characters and a good grounding in real science. Nominated for the Hugo eight times and the Nebula twice, you have yet to win either award. Also, you've had to put your novel on hold while working on a story for an anthology. At least you have a Campbell plaque...

Which science fiction writer are you?


I'm Philip José Farmer. Whod'a thunk it?

Charlie Stross was dismayed to find out he's RAH. I have yet to see anyone rate Asimov; I don't know if he's an option.

Got it!

I was hoping for Heinlein, but this will do. :)

I am:
Isaac Asimov
One of the most prolific writers in history, on any imaginable subject. Cared little for art but created lasting and memorable tales.

Which science fiction writer are you?

Hee! Good to have a good grip on who you are :-)

(I'd love to see all the possible answers.)
I'm also a P. Jose Farmer.. heh, not sure how to take it, because I'm not a big fan of his prose.
Bwa ha ha! I expected it would say Asimov, but man! How cool is it to be yourself? You are clearly a person of much integrity. :)
Obviously you know what you like. More testing is required though; we should get other writers to test it and see if they get themselves as results.
William Gibson for me, which is kind of surprising because I'm not feeling particularly cyberpunk...

I'm just proud you're a possible outcome, with all these other authors!
Al Bester.
Cool! You're an option!

I came out Alice Sheldon, but I think you get that automatically if you check off the "I am the opposite sex!"
Nope. I checked that and got Asimov.
Nope. I'm the opposite sex, and I'm H.G. Wells - an elderly Fabian, eh? Well, OK...
That is so cute!
But I still say there is a resemblence!

O'my-g-d your you.
Someone needs to do a Brunching-Shuttlecocks-style ladder of fame. I need to know where "being an answer in an LJ quiz" rates.

I mean, I guess we already know where you fit in the Geek Hierarchy.
Are they still around? I used to love that site, but I thought they took it down a while ago.
That is so cool! I didn't realize you were an option.
Cute quiz. I got John Brunner, which is very odd because (a) I've never read him and (b) I believe I think of a positive future not a dystopic one.


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