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This Day in History, 1835: New York Herald

On May 6, 1835, the first issue of the New York Herald newspaper was published by James Gordon Bennett, Sr. (1795-1872). Under his son, James Gordon Bennett, Jr. (1841–1918), the paper financed Henry Morton Stanley's expedition into Africa to find David Livingstone.

On October 4, 1887, Bennett Jr. launched The New York Herald's European edition in Paris, France. Following Gordon Bennett's death, the New York Herald was merged with its bitter rival, the New York Tribune, in 1922. In 1959, the New York Herald Tribune and its European edition were sold to John Hay Whitney, the then U.S. ambassador to Britain. In 1966 the New York paper ceased publication, and the Washington Post and the New York Times acquired joint control of the Paris paper, renaming it the International Herald Tribune. Now owned 100% by the New York Times, the paper remains an important and influential English language paper, printed at 26 sites around the world and for sale in more than 180 countries.

On a personal note, my Dad was a long-time newspaperman, and my brothers and I all received James Gordon Bennett Scholarships when we were in college.

And on an amusing note, Bennet, Jr., was somewhat flamboyant and erratic. He scandalized New York society by arriving late and drunk at a party being given by his fiance's parents and then urinating into their living room fireplace, in full view of the hosts. Which is probably why his father sent him to Paris.

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