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Seeing Hitchhiker's

In the midst of seeing everyone jumping on the Serenity bandwagon...

gnomi and I have just secured two tickets to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at 3:10 PM at the Boston Common Theatre on Friday, April 29th. We have just enough time to see the movie before dealing with the beginning of shabbat and the last two yom tov days of Passover.

Anyone interested in joining us? We won't have a lot of time to socialize, but we're happy to meet anyone at the theater.


I don't have tix yet, but already have plans to see it in Waltham at 9:20 with friends. I don't think I've ever seen the Waltham theater sell out, but we're going to send my unemployed husband to nab tix as soon as the box office opens, just to be safe.

Now to find and press my best dress towel...
Good luck getting the tickets. Nomi and I did something similar when X-Men 2 came out; I picked up tickets on Thursday for Friday afternoon before the sabbath, and by the time we showed up on Friday they were all sold out for that showing.
Waltham didn't even sell out TPM on opening day, so I suspect we're safe. Still, that doesn't mean I'm willing to buy my tix at 9:00 for the 9:20 show.
I'd love to see it with you, but I have this thing to do, and I'm 1000 miles away. Have a good time. I hope it isn't disappointing.
What could be more important than seeing a movie that helps encourage more science fiction? :-)

Have fun with the Nebs. Wish I could be there. (Wish I had had reason to be there, too...)
Congrats on the tickets; I look forward to hearing a review!
And we look forward to giving you a review!
As I mentioned previously, we're waiting 'til after Pesach... but have fun! (Please keep your review vague, though, or cut-tag it for those of us who won't have seen it yet. Thanks!)

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