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Cafe Scientifique Tomorrow Evening

I suppose I really ought to create a "local events" filter one of these days...

Tomorrow night, New Scientist magazine is sponsoring another Cafe Scientifique at the Red Line Bar in Cambridge, MA. What makes this particular one of interest to me is that the speaker is Max Tegmark, a physicist who has recently moved to MIT. His research is focused on precision cosmology, and he's giving a talk titled "Cosmology and the Meaning of Life."

Why am I so interested? Because Tegmark proposed a concept now known as the Tegmark Hypothesis, which basically states that the only realities that you can possibly perceive are the ones in which you continue to live. It's a little complicated for me to get into detail about here, but you can read more about it in the excellent book "The Universe Next Door: The Making of Tomorrow's Science" by Marcus Chown. can read the few paragraphs near the end of "Paying It Forward" in which I explain how the Tegmark hypothesis ties into the story. For the Tegmark hypothesis was the piece of speculative science upon which that story of mine was based.

gnomi and I plan to attend, and if anyone else wants to join us, you're welcome to meet us and farwing there.

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