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Creativity Call: Lunar Assassin Names

Folks, remember when I asked people here for names of possible future movies? I'm putting out a call again if people want to play.

For the novel project, I need to come up with the names for ten assassins-for-hire who work and live in a futuristic, anarchic city on the Moon. Well, actually I need eight names; I've already named two of them Dumas and Dianora. (Hi, dianora2!)

Anyway, the names can be anything: one word, two words, standard names, evocative nicknames, etc. If you want to suggest a name, or even offer up your own, let me know. Since I need ten of them, though, I'm trying to make them as distinctive as possible.

The usual offer applies. I'll file your own name away for a Tuckerization, if you want one, and if I can swing it, I can even try to list you in the novel's Acknowledgements. Which assumes, of course, that the thing eventually sells...


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What happened to that baby naming book I gave you?
It's on the shelf, along with another baby naming book we have. But I'm really looking for more creativity than, say, just calling the characters "Robert" or "Jane." For example, if you wanted to build a rep as an assassin, what sort of code name might you adopt? I'm unlikely to find a name like that in a book of Jewish baby names...
So I have a friend whose nickname is Demon.

A couple of us call her "Oni-chan" however. means "demonling"

you should call an Assasin that. :)
Catch is the name of the demon in several of Christopher Moore's novels.
I'm obsessed with Caspian lately, and I'm subtitling a vid right now with a woman named Marion Fox, which is common, but, well, aw. *g*
Mr. Fixit
Loretta Ling
Charlie Angel
Seamus McCool
I named a cyberpunk character Chane once - nice mix of Jane, Chain, Chance.

What's scary on the moon? Vacuum, and moon dust apparently. Mr. Dust? Vacuum Lou?

In an anarchic future-city does everyone go by cool nicknames like in the Matrix? How about Omega, Thanatos, Iron, Brick, Crossbones.
I used Eddard in a story once, you're welcome to snag it, or Edgar.
Bish (also slang for sexy man in Japanese)
Black (can't go wrong there)
Wade/Wayne (get that whole batman thing going)

A couple of names for female lunar based assassins:
-Mary Nubium (or perhaps Mary Imbrium)

For men (based on lunar crater names):
  • Felt
  • Mr. Cholmondeley
  • Sigur
  • Finis
  • Bubbles
Bubbles? Like Michael Jackson's monkey?
Chu Jung
Devi/ Mahadevi
Dis Pater
Hey MAB. Do you remember Diesel, from CSW?

You should name an assasin after him too.

(his real name, or something like it. Diesel is a bit too obvious)
clearly I should get partial credit for reminding Annie about her.
There's a story about Harpo Marx visiting Russia and asking who was this Gapno Mapcase whose name was on posters all over the place: there must be a touch of creative misremembering in there, as you can't quite get Gapno Mapcase from the Cyrillic rendering of Harpo Marx, but still - I nominate Gapno Mapcase.

Also, Hleb and Maslo - though I've hitherto always seen them as a couple of dim but strong fantasy henchmen.
Actually, it was Exapno Mapcase.
I assume you want the names to be distinctive to a modern reader, not in the character's own society. Some of the suggestions here have been things that a hitman might adopt (or more likely have foisted on him) as a sobriquet, but aren't anything a mother is likely to call her child, even in that setting. And a hitman might actually want to go by a very common name, that doesn't stand out at all, so as not to attract attention. So how about names that are uncommon now, but might be common in the moon 200 years from now: Delos, Harriman, Deedee (for a boy), Anson, Buzz, Armstrong, Aldrin, Luna, Selene, Levana, Sihara...I'm kind of free-associating here...
Luna's the name of the main character already. But, out of curiosity, is Levana ever used for a person's name in the real world? And if so, male or female? I've never run across it.
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