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Note for New Readers: "Friends" Policy

I've had a bunch of new people add me to their Friends list since Neil Gaiman referenced one of my posts. To everyone, I say welcome! I hope you find something interesting to read here. If you decide after a while that I'm boring, feel free to remove me from your list; I won't mind.

However, it occurs to me that I ought to re-explain my "Friends" policy, even though I explain it on my Info page. I tend to add anyone to my friends list who has added me, so my readers can see my locked posts (not that there's many of those, but there are a few). However, I tend to use my own Friends list to keep up with people I actually know in person. So my Default View is set to give me a page mostly with those people only, along with various syndicated feeds. Therefore, you shouldn't feel surprised (or, I hope, slighted) if I don't comment in your own journal, as I may not be seeing your posts that often, if at all.

If you ever post something that you feel warrants my attention, you can email me at mabfan@livejournal.com and let me know.


*g* you're famous! you're famous! *throws confetti!*

In other news, I got to feel kind of guiltily know-it-all the other day - someone was pointing to a book, and I got very "oh, she's so sweet! And she loves horses!"

I need an "I love LJ" icon.
Nah, I'm not famous.

Now, Neil. He's famous.
;) famous by association was my intention. After all - how many of us does he mention? (The fiend. I mean, really. ;)

No worries. At this point I can still read everyone on my Friends list but don't/can't comment on most, so I give everyone else the benefit of the doubt and assume they're doing the same. :)

Congratulations, by the way!

December 2016

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