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Hugo Nominations To Be Announced Tomorrow

According to the Interaction website, they plan to announce the Hugo nominees at Paragon 2, the UK Eastercon, tomorrow. That makes a lot of sense, as this year's Worldcon is in Glasgow, and Paragon 2 is the 58th British National Science Fiction Convention.

Chances are they'll make the announcement while I'm still observing shabbat, so I won't be back on line until a while after the list is revelead. (If they announce it tomorrow evening, that'll be in the middle of the day for me here.) So I figured I'd leave an open thread here, in case anyone wishes to discuss the nominees in my blog. I'll chime in after shabbat ends, roughly 6:45 PM EST (which is almost midnight GMT).


Good luck.
I suspect that he--and you--already know if you're nominees. At least I hope so! It's the rest of us who are waiting to find out.
But it doesn't necessarily follow that he (or I) know if the other is a nominee or who our respective co-nominees are.
And now it is revealed I was playing coy as I was nominated in the David Langford category. And you wre nominated twice. COngratulations.
Thanks, and congratulations to you as well!
Thanks. I've suggested that Cheryl can win best website, Dave can win best semiprozine and Claire can win best fanzine, leaving Bob and me to battle over fan writer.
Do you want someone to bring you the nominees in paper form while you're observing shabbat? Please excuse my ignorance of your customs.
Of course, by the time I saw your offer shabbat was over. But don't worry; I already knew I was nominated.
Congrats! (you too Steven!)

Always a bridesmaid...

Two Hugos nominations! But you're up against some pretty stiff competition. Of course, Charlie Stross and Cheryl Morgan have three nominations each. But Swanwick will tell you that more nominations aren't a guarantee. Nevertheless, here's hoping we can glue that rocket to your forehead some day.

Re: Always a bridesmaid...

I may have some thoughts as to my chances later. For right now, I'll just say that I don't expect to win in either category. But who knows?
Multiple congratulations! It does seem like Scotland has quite the home field advantage, though, doesn't it? Every one of the novel nominees is by a Brit, three of whom (I think) are Scottish. If it's not Scottish, it's crap!

As for the home court advantage, well, that tends to happen with the Hugos.
Congratulations twice over!

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