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Happy Purim and welcome!

First of all, to those who celebrate Purim, have a chag sameach.

Secondly, to anyone who has come here via Neil Gaiman's blog, welcome. Please give me a day or two to read through all the replies to my last post and come up with cogent responses. If you decide to keep reading here, I'm thinking of reporting on a bit more Flesch-Kincaid analysis of other works, to see what comes up.


Hello! I actually found you through my friend elementalmuse's blog. She linked to the post and I found it interesting. I'm reading along because I like to "watch" writers work. It gives me a much-needed kick in the arse.
Anything I can do to help other writers write...
Elaine was telling some of the women at work about the Purim carnival she took the girls to last weekend and they were giving her strange looks. It eventually came out that they had heard Porn instead of Purim, and couldn't figure out what Elaine was doing there, nor why she would take the girls to such an event.
Good grief! I'd be confused too.

gnomi and I went to a seudah this afternoon, and I wore my NASA flight suit.

Congrats on the new readers

Having Gaiman mention you in his blog is a bit like being slash-dotted--the online equivalent of flash crowds. But hey, some of 'em may be Hugo voters.

Hope you & gnomi have a good Purim.

Re: Congrats on the new readers

But hey, some of 'em may be Hugo voters.


I actually emailed Neil to tell him what I had found, and I'm glad he thought it worthy enough to post.

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