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Now That's Political Dedication

I found this item in "The Classes" section of the March-April issue of Harvard Magazine, and thought I'd share it:

Class of 1926
Dorothy "Dot" (Shorey) Estabrook Holbrook celebrated her centenary on January 9 at Heartland Place, the assisted-living facility in Epsom, NH where she retired three years ago. She admits that the "next hundred will be harder." Always interested in liberal causes and advancing women's rights -- she became the first woman Realtor in Saugus, Mass. -- she is proud to have cast her first presidential vote for W.E.B. DuBois and her latest for John Kerry.

The only thing that confuses me here is that I don't recall DuBois being a presidential candidate. Assuming that Ms. Holbrook voted in the 1920 election, perhaps she meant to say she voted for Eugene V. Debs.

Still, that's an incredible voting streak. I'm proud to say that I voted in my first presidential election when I was 18, in 1988, and so far I have voted in five of them. I hope I get to vote in as many as she did.
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