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mabfan (Michael A. Burstein)

Novel Progress: 80,000 Words

For those of you keeping track at home...

As of this afternoon, I hit 80,000 words with the first draft of the novel. (Actually, I exceeded 80,000 words; the novel's at 81,250.) Breaking it down a bit, as I've done before:

Part One, which I finished a while ago, was supposed to be about 33,000 words. It ended up at 45,500 words.

Part Two is still the section I'm working on now. Remember how I said it was supposed to be 33,000 words? It's now at 35,500, and there's still a lot more to go.

I see that I reached 70,000 words on February 4. That means it has taken me about 13 days to write 10,000 words, which averages out to 769 words a day. If we only include the weekdays on which I am actually committed to write, however, that's only 9 days, which is an average of 1,111 words, a little less than than 1500 I'm aiming for. But I took Tuesday off, because after the Nebula news I just couldn't get up the enthusiasm to write. So I used Tuesday to run a bunch of errands and recharge my batteries.

I'll meet you back here with another one of these posts in another 10,000 words.
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