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My Boskone Schedule, February 18-20, 2005

The short version:

Fri 7:00 pm -- Science Versus Fiction?
Fri 9:00 pm -- Writing Groups
Sat 10:00 am -- A Child Shall Lead Them: Children as SF Protagonists
Sun 12:30 pm -- Analog's 75th Anniversary
Sun 2:00 pm -- Crossovers: Mixing Worlds for Fun (and Not Much Profit)

And look for me at Saturday Night Dead, where I'll be playing a special role...

The longer version, including panelists and descriptions:

Fri 7:00 pm
Science Versus Fiction?

We found this thought on the net, credited to someone named Stephen Nottingham: "Negative images of science often provide first-rate fiction, but attempts at presenting positive images of science nearly always produce second-rate fiction." Discuss. (And is The Dispossessed a counter-example?)

Michael A. Burstein (moderator), Robert A. Metzger, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

Fri 9:00 pm
Writing Groups

Can attending a writer's workshop, like Viable Paradise, Odyssey or Clarion, advance your writing level? What makes a writer's group effective? What other benefits should you expect from a writer's group? How do you incorporate ideas from your peers without the story suffering from workshop-itis? When do you need one and when do you need to go on your own?

Michael A. Burstein, James Cambias, Alex Irvine, Sandra McDonald (moderator), Wendy Snow-Lang

Sat10:00 am
A Child Shall Lead Them: Children as SF Protagonists

How well do we avoid building kids who are just miniature adults? Is the advantage of worldbuilding for the reader as the child learns his own environment balanced by the problem of giving him any movement beyond the parental orbit? Are Paul Atriedes and Thorb Baslim too competent? Does Hermione Granger know too much? Can kids just be kids and still make a good story?

Michael A. Burstein, Orson Scott Card, Bruce Coville (moderator), Kathryn Cramer

Sun12:30 pm
Analog's 75th Anniversary

Analog/Astounding celebrates its 75th anniversary this year as the oldest science fiction magazine still publishing. Learn about the history of Analog, its place in the field, and where it is going, along with special tips on how to sell stories to this venerable magazine.

Michael A. Burstein, Anthony R. Lewis

Sun 2:00 pm
Crossovers: Mixing Worlds for Fun (and Not Much Profit)

We all know about sharecropped universes,where one writer sets up a universe for others to write in, but that's so *limiting*. And cross-over fiction where people write SF-mysteries, of vampire romances are old hat. How much more interesting would it be if we could take characters and situations from two different universes and bring them together? Combine Neuromancer and Discworld, or have Dominic Flandry in Narnia, or pair up R. Daneel Olivaw and Bruce Wayne. Consider the possibilities for stories no one has yet dreamed of! Our pannelists wreak havoc across the worlds of SF, fantasy, mysteries and nearly everythinge else....

Michael A. Burstein (moderator), Keith R. A. DeCandido, Bob Devney, Leigh Grossman
Tags: science-fiction

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