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Jan. 31st, 2013


The Brookline Parent On Hiatus

It’s been two weeks since our last The Brookline Parent column, “The Mommy Blogging Question,” was published, and we’re sad to have to tell our friends and fans that it’ll probably be the last column for a while. Brookline Patch has decided to go in a new direction, one that doesn’t include our bi-weekly parenting column.

We’d like to thank Neal Simpson, Grahame Turner, and Nate Homan, the three Brookline Patch editors with whom we worked, for their stewardship of our work. We’d particularly like to thank Neal, for suggesting the column in the first place all the way back in 2010 and giving us a chance to try our hand at it. Although we’re both writers and editors, writing a parenting column wasn’t something either of us had tried before. We’d like to think that it was a success, and from everything our readers have told us, it was.

We’d also like to remind our readers that our 60 columns, covering two years in the lives of Muffin and Squeaker, are still published on the Brookline Patch site for the world to enjoy. From time to time, if something reminds us of a column we wrote, we’ll be sure to link to it.

We are hoping that this won’t be the final parenting column that we write. At the moment, we’ve been exploring other options for our column, looking for a paying media outlet interested in our ruminations as the parents of twins. (And we’ve been thinking of writing a book.) That said, if you know of any newspaper or website interesting in running a column by us on raising twins, feel free to point them in our direction.

Jan. 18th, 2013


Brookline Patch Column: The Mommy Blogging Question

As I've been reading more and more articles and blogs where people talk about their kids, I've also been thinking more and more about the issue of privacy. There was that recent article where a mother discussed the psychological issues her son has, and it triggered both a wave of sympathy for her and a backlash against her, as she was in essence branding her son with a label that might follow him whenever anyone does an Internet search.

It's a dilemma that gnomi and I have faced as we have written our The Brookline Parent column for Brookline Patch. Although we're not blogging publicly about our kids all that often, we do share a window into their lives with the entire world. (A somewhat more private window exists through our occasional private status updates on Facebook.)

Anyway, this week I decided to tackle the question head-on. The column, The Mommy Blogging Question, is somewhat meta, as Nomi puts it, but it will give you a window into some of the concerns we've had every other week as we write our column.

Jan. 4th, 2013


Brookline Patch Column: My, How We've Grown

In this week's The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch, gnomi looks back at how things have changed for our kids since the beginning of 2012. Muffin and Squeaker have grown and matured in a variety of ways, and some of those ways might not be what you'd expect.

Go read My, How We've Grown to see, well, how they've grown.

Dec. 21st, 2012


Brookline Patch Column: Dear Muffin and Squeaker

In the wake of last week's news out of Newtown, CT, gnomi and I use this week's The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch to write an open letter to our daughters.

Click to read Dear Muffin and Squeaker.

Dec. 7th, 2012


Brookline Patch Column: Roots in the Future

In this week's The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch, I discuss Brookline Town Meeting's recent votes to ban polystyrene cups and plastic grocery bags.

What is the connection between these votes and Muffin and Squeaker? Read "Roots in the Future" to find out.

And if you're a fan of either Spider Robinson's Callahan's Bar stories or J. Michael Straczynski of "Babylon 5" fame, there's a little bonus for you.

Dec. 6th, 2012


Tomorrow's Brookline Parent: Roots in the Future

Tomorrow's The Brookline Parent column on Brookline Patch, "Roots in the Future," begins with a quote from Spider Robinson and ends with a quote from J. Michael Straczynski. And in between, a discussion of Brookline Town Meeting. What do all of those things have to do with each other and with Muffin and Squeaker? Read the column tomorrow morning at 9 and find out...

Nov. 26th, 2012


Brookline Patch Column: A Grand Day Out

Our latest The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch was supposed to run on last Friday as usual, but due to a production error, it ran on Saturday instead and has just been re-featured this morning. So for those of you who missed it...

gnomi writes a column that definitely lives up to the name The Brookline Parent, as she talks about the fun we had entertaining the kids in Brookline last Sunday (November 18). Come to think of it, we took the kids around Brookline a lot this past Thanksgiving weekend as well...

Go read A Grand Day Out to learn how we entertained Muffin and Squeaker locally.

Nov. 9th, 2012


Brookline Patch Column: Voting as Family Tradition

Last week, I asked friends online if Nomi and I should take Muffin and Squeaker to the polls with us on Election Day, and everyone came back with a resounding YES to the idea. So, in this week's The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch, I discuss how it went, but I also take the long view of continuing the family tradition of voting. So, if you'd like to find out both how I have a family connection to a former presidential candidate, and what happens when a preschooler tantrums on the way to the polls, check out Voting as Family Tradition.

(There's also some cute pictures of the kids holding their own campaign signs. What issue did they support? Click through to find out.)

Oct. 26th, 2012


Brookline Patch Column: Shutting Down the Bully Pulpit

In this week's The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch, gnomi discusses a recent incident in which Muffin appeared to feel bullied at school. This wasn't something we were quite expecting to have to deal with at such a young age, but we thought it might be helpful to others if we talked about what happened and how we dealt with it. Also, Muffin herself asked us to write this week's column about it.

Go read Shutting Down the Bully Pulpit to see what Nomi said.

Oct. 12th, 2012


Brookline Patch Column: Clean-Up Time

In this week's The Brookline Parent column at Brookline Patch, I note the contradictory behavior of Muffin and Squeaker. Well, I note one particular contradictory behavior. They like to sweep the floor, but they're oblivious to their mess of toys, books, games, and clothes they leave scattered about. Do others see the same sort of behavior in their own preschool children?

Go read Clean-Up Time for a cute photo of the kids pushing a Swiffer Sweeper if not for my prose.

And after that, if you visit me on Facebook, I might be posting one or two more pictures of the kids cleaning.

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